Nadace Občanského fóra
Civic Forum Foundation

We support cultural heritage restoration in the Czech Republic with special emphasis on neglected monuments.

The Civic Forum Foundation is a foundation with nationwide scope. It focuses mainly on the field of protection of movable and immovable cultural heritage and is one of the largest in the Czech Republic.


The mission of the Civic Forum Foundation

The mission of the Civic Forum Foundation is to promote restoration and protection of cultural heritage in the Czech Republic with particular emphasis on neglected monuments. The foundation wants to achieve this by raising public interest in cultural monuments and their preservation and by promoting partnership cooperation with business, non-profit and legal entities.

The Civic Forum Foundation is a member of the Association of Foudnations within the Czech Donors Forum.

The Foundation key objectives

The Foundation aims to support civic activities that contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage. The Foundation annually awards grants for specific projects of cultural monuments restoration and by its educational activities helps to create our collective and personal responsibility to preserve our historical legacy.

Formation and development of the Civic Forum Foundation

The idea of establishing an independent foundation in favor of restoration of Czech culture, education and humanism arose in the centre of the Civic Forum during the first weeks after November 1989. Therefore, in May 1990 The Civic Forum Foundation was established as one of the first non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organizations in Czechoslovakia.The Civic Forum granted it its name and initial financial donation. Since then The Civic Forum Foundation has been in existence as an independent entity and at the same time any interconnection with The Civic Forum ended.

Although the Civic Forum ended, the Civic Forum Foundation continues to exist. Its work does not support any political activities or movements, it is an absolutely independent subject supporting only charitable activities.

At the early stage of its existence the Civic Forum Foundation supported a number of useful projects in the areas of culture, education, heritage preservation, health and humanitarian aid. Since 1995 it has decided to focus its efforts exclusively on monument conservation and promotion of unique cultural projects. The Foundation does not receive any government funding, its funding depends on contributions by business sector, media and public favor. The financial means allocated to the Civic Forum Foundation are from the Foundation investment fund and they are part of the endowment assets.

We register over 80 grant applications per year. Due to limited funding we are able to support about one-third of the applications.

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The Civic Forum Foundation thanks all our sponsors, donors and supporters for financial and other help. Due to this help we can implement these projects.